Clients want to win in the trial court and preserve that win on appeal. Whether you are facing a win or a loss, you need to assess your options quickly and prepare to challenge or defend the judgment on appeal. Reed Smith’s Appellate Group helps clients accomplish these goals throughout the litigation process. Whether in federal or state court, we can help you evaluate the issues, move for post-trial relief, and handle the appeal. Our 20-member nationwide team, comprised entirely of full-time appellate partners, counsel, and associates, will deliver the right combination of experience, perspective, and innovation to help you obtain the best outcome.

Our ranks include the former Solicitor General of the District of Columbia and alumni of the appellate sections of California’s and New York’s Office of the Attorney General. We are fellows, officers, and members of leading appellate associations like the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers, the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers, and the Texas State Bar Appellate Practice Section. Many of our attorneys are state-bar certified as appellate specialists. In addition, most members of our team have served as judicial law clerks for a United States Court of Appeals or state appellate court, participating in the procedures and decision-making processes of the court that will ultimately decide your case.

Areas Of Focus

Prosecuting and Defending Appeals
Trial Court Strategy and Support