Speakers: Brad M. Rostolsky

Event Type: Seminar

Location Name:
Philadelphia PA
Start Date/Time:
28 July 2015, 11:15 AM EDT
End Date/Time:
28 July 2015, 12:00 PM EDT

By nature, the life sciences industry is one in which a tremendous amount of data is collected and analyzed, as corporations work to develop cutting-edge technologies and therapies that are transforming patient lives and health care delivery. In order to adequately protect data and to maintain the privacy of internal as well as patient-level data, corporations must develop and maintain robust privacy policies and systems that proactively mitigate risk while preparing for potential security breaches. Organizations are actively looking to reduce the potential reputational harm caused by security breaches, which in many cases can be even more damaging than potential financial harm.

Understanding evolving regulations and jurisdictions, both in the United States as well as internationally, will ensure corporations continue to protect the privacy of data collected and stored around the world. With increasing privacy regulations across Europe as well as differing state-wide regulations in the United States, organizations must have a firm grasp on the legal and regulatory frameworks for data protection. Ensuring a strong collaboration between privacy and technology teams will ensure policies and frameworks go beyond paper, and that privacy controls are embedded from the ground up. The Q1 Life Science Patient Data Privacy Conference will provide executives from throughout the life science industry an opportunity for engaging dialogue on the many challenges faced in protecting data, and best practices for maintaining robust security.

On July 28, Reed Smith's Brad Rostolsky will co-present - along with Megan Mikkelsen, North America Chief Privacy Officer at Teva Pharmaceuticals - a session on "Ensuring Patient Privacy within Sales & Marketing Strategies." As life sciences companies work to promote sales and marketing strategies to ensure consumers are being reached in the most effective ways possible, executives must endeavor to make certain patient data privacy is maintained. While targeted sales and marketing strategies are an ideal way to promote new drugs, therapies and technologies, using specific patient data to reach consumers presents issues concerning the maintenance of personally identifiable information via social media marketing and targeted ads. Focusing on privacy policies and their roles in sales and marketing campaigns, while also identifying ways to prevent breach and ways to employ social media channels in these campaigns, executives will be better able to ensure patient privacy while using patient information for targeted ads. Topics to be covered include:

  • Addressing unclear guidelines surrounding privacy
  • Potential privacy breaches in sales & marketing initiatives
  • Balancing a need for greater marketing success with privacy
  • Utilizing online and social media outlets while maintaining privacy

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