Speakers: Kyle O. Sollie David J. Gutowski Paul E. Melniczak

Event Type: Seminar

Location Name:
Columbus OH
Start Date/Time:
24 January 2017
End Date/Time:
25 January 2017

With arguably the best line-up of speakers in more than a ‘quarter of a century’ history of the conference, the 26th Annual Ohio Tax Conference is one you’ll want to attend. You’ll benefit from the continuing education credits earned by attending and the valuable information received on major tax and jobs issues such as:

  • Priceless insights into the ‘nexus wars’ as one prominent national attorney recently wrote, ‘there is an all-out affront on Quill taking place in Congress, State Houses, and Courts all over the country. Already hearing about 6-10 more states that plan to attack Quill’s validity next year.”
  • Potentially decided by the Ohio Supreme Court by the date of the conference, insights on the “substantial nexus” challenge to the Ohio CAT in Crutchfield v. Testa and companion cases;
  • Major national economic & tax trends and developments including federal & state tax reform, tax policy direction of the new administration in Washington, energy & carbon taxes –the next value-added tax, state transfer pricing, proposed Section 385 regulations and MTC’s proposed amendments on market-based sourcing;
  • Audit insights on sales & use taxes, CAT & PTE, new developments and best practices for compliance in sales & use tax and the CAT;
  • Industry-specific tax issues …the special taxation issues impacting manufacturers and healthcare & non-profit industries & construction
  • Host of significant & timely tax issues … how to confront tax issues such as dealing with a mobile workforce and employment tax developments, Ohio PTE taxation, audits & reform, alternative apportionment, state tax aspects of mergers & acquisitions, statistical sampling, unclaimed property and cloud computing commercial opportunities;
  • Tax/economic incentives & credits to promote Ohio competitiveness and a case study on securing a major Ohio investment, Amazon and the economic outlook for Ohio in 2017 & beyond;
  • Tax advice for companies doing business in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan & Pennsylvania;
    Valuable information on real property valuation and issues involving the ‘dark store’ theory;
  • Massive impact of technology in the tax field, ‘sharing economy’ and a rapidly increasing number of new, technology-enabled businesses specializing in on-line marketplaces;
  • Priceless opportunity to hear Ohio’s budget director and Ways & Means Committee leaders from the Ohio Senate & Ohio House of Representatives on Ohio’s New Biennium Budget;
  • Major municipal tax reform implementation effective January 1, 2016 and what to expect;
  • Best corporate tax management and tax accounting practices (FIN 48 & FAS 5) including several advanced sessions geared for the experienced professional and basic workshops for newer professionals who may need to build more skills in a new subject area.

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