Our Munich lawyers Friederike Detmering and Sven Schonhofen will give a presentation at the 19th Herbstakademie 2018 - Legal Issues of Digital Transformations, Design of Digital Change Processes through Law about "#ad #sponsoredby #sneak advertising - Influencer Advertisings".

Speakers: Friederike Wilde-Detmering Sven Schonhofen

Event Type: Seminar

Location Name:
Ruhr-University Bochum, Universitätsstraße 150, Bochum 44801
Start Date/Time:
12 September 2018
End Date/Time:
15 September 2018

The 19th DSRI Herbstakademie 2018 is organized by the German Foundation for Law and Informatics (DSRI) in cooperation with DGRI e.V. and the Institute for Intellectual Property, Data Protection and Information Technology of the Faculty of Law at the Ruhr-University Bochum. 

Please visit www.dsri.de for more information.