Andreas Splittgerber will be attending the annual OMR Festival to speak at the masterclass "GDPR meets Performance Marketing". 
Andreas and his co-speakers will be talking about and demonstrating, how to use GDPR as a competitive advantage for effective and compliant tracking, retargeting, and profiling. 

Speakers: Andreas Splittgerber

Event Type: Seminar

Location Name:
Hamburg Messe, Messeplatz 1, Hamburg 20357
Start Date/Time:
7 May 2019
End Date/Time:
8 May 2019

Websites are one of the most vulnerable points of an organization because any data breach can easily be detected and accounted for with very little effort. Data protection is hence slowly becoming the decisive success factor for every data-driven company. Under GDPR website operators are required to have a legal basis when using web technologies. In the case of tracking, retargeting, and profiling this basis can only be a legit user consent according to the German data protection authority. In this masterclass we will be demonstrating what you need to keep in mind and how you can use the GDPR as your competitive advantage.