In 2020, the first German female astronaut will fly to the International Space Station ISS! This is the mission of the foundation "Erste deutsche Astronautin gGmbH". Günes Seyfarth is a member of the team that will write history and is supporting with her expertise as Manager Sponsoring & Networking in making the dream come true. She knows what it takes to make the seemingly impossible possible and how to reach for the stars. We are very happy to have Günes Seyfarth as a speaker for our event Women get inspired @ WINRS after work of the Women's Initiative Network of Reed Smith.

Event Type: Women's Initiative Network of Reed Smith (WINRS)

Location Name:
Reed Smith's Munich office, Von-der-Tann-Str. 2, Munich 80539
Start Date/Time:
6 June 2019, 6:30 PM Germany Daylight Time
End Date/Time:
6 June 2019, 10:30 PM Germany Daylight Time

She will report on high demands, but also on new motivation when challenges are mastered by her own efforts. How can I succeed? How do I win over third parties for innovative or progressive ideas? How do I overcome the fear of the unknown? These are questions that we would like to discuss with Günes Seyfarth and you.

We are looking forward to an inspiring evening.

Your Reed Smith WINRS Team