You are invited to join Reed Smith partner Kelley Miller on the on-demand webinar, " Succession Planning Consideration Series: Understanding Basis, Implications for the Trusts and Estates, and What's Ahead in 2021".

Speakers: Kelley C. Miller

Event Type: CLE / CPD, Webinar

Start Date/Time:
3 March 2021
End Date/Time:
3 March 2021

Kelley will discuss common basis issues encountered by trust and estate advisers, including planning for volatile markets and the flux of estate taxation rules. She will explain how to structure adaptable trusts, remove appreciated assets from trusts, determine and substantiate tax basis and other basis conundrums commonly encountered by estate and trust advisers.

  • The webinar will cover these and other critical issues:
  • Under what circumstances should taxpayers consider moving assets out of a trust?
  • What methods are available for removing assets from a trust?
  • How is Form 8971 used to establish basis?
  • What are best practices for substantiating basis when records do not exist?
  • How can trusts be structured and utilized to allow flexibility considering the flex of estate tax rules?