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A program to solicit feedback from all staff, leading to dozens of improvements across the firm, is just one of a number of initiatives led by Reed Smith LLP global managing partner Greg Jordan, earning him a spot on Law360's list of America's Most Innovative Managing Partners.

The Brainstorm Barnstorm program is part of a culture of innovation stemming from Jordan's 12-year tenure as global managing partner for Reed Smith — a period which has led to explosive growth for the firm, from 600 lawyers in seven offices to more than 1,700 lawyers in 23 offices across three continents.

Brainstorm Barnstorm, which took place over the course of a year from 2011 into early 2012, had brought together two key focuses for Reed Smith under his leadership — business and client development and development of the firm's culture and talent — leading to “dozens and dozens” of improvements, Jordan said.

The program emerged from the idea of bringing the regular brainstorming meetings of the firm's senior management group to the rest of the firm. The management team then fanned out across all of the firm's offices to ask all staff — from the newest to the most senior — how they would improve their workplace. All good ideas, no matter the source and no matter how small, were considered.

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