Law360 - Reed Smith LLP helped the Bank of New York Mellon navigate Puerto Rico's debt restructuring and represented a former hedge fund CEO accused in a major fraud investigation brought by Denmark's tax authority, winning the firm a place on Law360’s Global 20 list.

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Slightly over 1,800 attorneys work at Reed Smith, which is based in Pittsburgh, and just over a third of those are outside the U.S. in a dozen locations, including London and Hong Kong. Global managing partner Sandy Thomas said the firm started its global expansion efforts in the early 2000s, which were driven by the increased cross-border needs of its clients. The firm is set up to think globally, Thomas said.

“We can size up a client’s problem. We can address it in its various cross-border dimensions. And consistently across our groups and our geographies we try to get to a practical solution for the client,” Thomas said. “We have a huge emphasis in the firm on listening. … We hear a lot from clients that that may be a little bit of a lost art, but we try to be really good at that.”

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