Reed Smith today announced the launch of the Family Support Initiative, a suite of coordinated supports and resources to help the firm’s lawyers and professional staff address the COVID-19-related family challenges they face as school resumes this fall.

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“The current uncertainty about school-based learning and daycare options in many of the communities in the US, Europe and Middle East where our firm has offices is adding to the strain on our working parents in this extraordinary moment,” said Casey Ryan, Reed Smith’s Global Head of Legal Personnel. “The pandemic is affecting each family differently, so our Wellness Works and Associate Life Initiatives have developed a flexible but integrated approach to help our lawyers and staff work, support their families and care for themselves.”

The Family Support Initiative is designed to provide working parents or those caring for family members with information about the firm’s policies and benefits – including childcare, tutoring resources, leaves of absence, and flexible work scheduling options as well as a ramp up/ramp down opportunity before and after leave and a true-up benefit for those who elect to work a flexible schedule, but end up working full-time hours or more. The firm’s Employee Assistance and Wellness Works Programs are also delivering a broad range of physical and behavioral health services to promote family, parent and child wellbeing.

The Initiative includes innovative mental wellness programming, such as Unstuck, a six-week self-care series designed to help parents handle many of the issues associated with home-based work and their children’s uncertain educational future. Each weekly session of Unstuck explores themes related to stress, from how it affects the nervous system to stress management techniques that families can use anywhere. Unstuck’s creator, Kelly Newsome Georges, who has a background in psychology, is a lawyer who left the legal industry to pursue a career in wellness more than a decade ago.