The international law firm Reed Smith and an integrated team led by Dr. Octávio de Sousa advised the owner on the sale of the Ferdinand Scheurer Group to the financial investor Aurelius Wachstumskapital. In addition to corporate law advice, the work also covered the other transaction-related areas of financing, real estate, taxes and employment law. 
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The Ferdinand Scheurer Group specializes in the rental of working platforms, lifting platforms and forklifts. The Aurelius Wachstumskapital SE & Co. KG is an investment company that invests in medium-sized companies. As part of the Aurelius Group, Aurelius Wachstumskapital focuses on succession solutions and the acquisition of parts of larger medium-sized companies and groups.

[The purchase was financed by HF Private Debt Fonds, a member of Hannover Finanz. The Luxembourg fund frequently provides private debt financing for medium-sized companies].

The sale of the Ferdinand Scheurer Group is one of the few private equity transactions to date that has been managed and brought to a successful conclusion after the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic.