Gravity Stack, Reed Smith’s data-driven legal technology and solutions company, was named by the National Law Journal (NLJ) as a “2021 Legal Technology Trailblazer.” Gravity Stack is profiled by the NLJ this month for its unique approach and delivery of collective intelligence in law.

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For its profile, NLJ spoke with Gravity Stack’s Managing Director Bryon Bratcher, highlighting how Gravity Stack is “a packaged managed service solution that includes litigation investigations, technology consulting and contract management,” which works “hand in hand with how the law firm practices law by offering an end-to-end solution that combines technology with human expertise.”

NLJ also called Gravity Stack a “change agent,” for bringing together “engineers, project managers and data scientists to augment decisions in litigation and investigations, make contracts actionable and unlock business insights to optimize operations and get the most out of technology tools.”

“We operate like a practice group, but we don’t practice law,” Bratcher said. “This aligns with practice areas of our parent firm, but also provides a technology layer that offers additional value under the same umbrella in a much more efficient service delivery model.”

The profile also noted how Gravity Stack has changed the way in which Reed Smith lawyers work. “They now discuss with clients questions regarding how they can obtain more information about a specific topic, dealing with structured datasets and marrying them with unstructured sets or pulling data points to help make better decisions.”

NLJ further highlights Gravity stack’s “unique approach” in using “a combination of legal knowledge and technical expertise, including AI-driven tool analysis, in its managed service solution.”

“There’s a whole synergy, and we are able to get instant feedback and have thousands of attorneys to help do it by extension of their clients,” Bratcher said. “We feel we are nimbler than a typical provider because we have that connection to get feedback on multiple levels.”