This past October, Reed Smith held its sixth annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit – the firm’s first DEI summit held in person since 2019.

As in previous years, and because we believe that advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal profession is best achieved when insights are shared, we have produced a summary of highlights from the summit. This report outlines some of the key takeaways that emerged from our discussions and some of the challenges and best practices highlighted during the event.

This year, we took as the theme for the summit Reed Smith’s DEI mission – All Rise – a simple expression of the common thread of intent behind all that we do in the name of DEI. All Rise serves to recognize the historical barriers that have prevented certain groups from entering and advancing within the legal industry and the inherent value that DEI brings to our profession, our firm and our services.

All Rise reinforces our commitment to addressing barriers and creating opportunities, and to ensuring that we create the kind of workplace where every single one of us – irrespective of who we are – can succeed, be seen, and be heard to be truly valued.

All Rise calls us all to action. In order to create the kind of workplace environment and industry where all of us can succeed, we must all take on the responsibility of driving change and progress.

We hope you enjoy this report and look forward to seeing you at our next summit.

Download the PDF below to read more.