Massachusetts SALT

Authors: Brent K. Beissel Michael A. Jacobs

Governor Charlie Baker’s office announced in a press release today that Mark Nunnelly has accepted a new role as Executive Director of MassIT, the state technology office, beginning April 4.  In that role, Mr. Nunnelly is expected to lead an effort to "revamp and improve" the way that people interact online with government on matters ranging from licensing, health services, and tax filing.  Mr. Nunnelly will report directly to Governor Baker in this new role. While it was not mentioned in the press release from the Governor’s office, it was subsequently reported by State House News Service (subscription required) that Mr. Nunnelly will be leaving his position as Commissioner of Revenue when he accepts his new role on April 4.  As to the Department of Revenue that Mr. Nunnelly leaves behind, the DOR will now be looking for its third Commissioner in less than two years.  (Last spring, we reported on the appointment of Mr. Nunnelly following the resignation of former Commissioner Amy Pitter).