Welcome to the Reed Smith Conversations, a new podcast from Reed Smith, produced by Wf360 productions. Reed Smith Conversations is a four-part series, each a highly interactive discussion on a topic of importance to all of us, perhaps now more than ever. In each episode, you’ll hear from people who may shake up your thinking on issues you thought you already knew well. 

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You’ll hear a variety of opinions, backgrounds and experiences. You’ll hear from some who feel we’re living in a time when the basic values with which most of us grew up have been discarded and replaced with self-centered, “me first” behavior. Others talk about what happens when individuals, companies, even countries, begin to collaborate on issues of complexity…in order to solve problems that are bigger than any one of them. People with deep experience in cyber security will explain why there is much to be afraid of “out there” in the internet world, as well as ways to make it safer for ourselves and our families. And finally, we’ll talk about why, in a time of highly vocalized nationalism, thinking globally may be more important now than it ever was. For each of the topics, we present a variety of views so that you can determine for yourself the best answers, the best approaches. After listening, you may see things through a new prism…or maybe several. We hope the Reed Smith Conversations provoke you into discussions with others, expanding on the ideas and adding your own take on things.