Reed Smith Client Alerts

Each January 28th for the past 11 years, Americans, Europeans and others have convened to celebrate the importance and significance of privacy and data protection to global prosperity. This past Monday, Reed Smith’s Washington, D.C., office hosted Leonardo Cervera-Navas, Director of the European Data Protection Supervisor, and Abigail Slater, Special Assistant to the President for Tech, Telecom and Cybersecurity, along with 70 guests to celebrate Data Privacy Day. The panelists offered expert insight into the approaches to privacy in the EU and United States and offered predictions about how privacy laws will evolve and be enforced on both continents.

David Hoffman, Associate General Counsel and Global Privacy Officer at Intel, shared the history of Data Privacy Day and Mr. Cervera-Navas’ role in it, noting that Data Privacy Day helps celebrate the similarities – not the differences – between the United States and the European Union.

The remainder of the event focused on a conversation lead by Mr. Dan Caprio, co-founder of the Providence Group and former senior official in both the Commerce Department and Federal Trade Commission. Mr. Caprio noted that every day should be a “data privacy day” and that efforts like the annual day contribute to a much richer cultural understanding between Americans and Europeans, helping to bridge large gaps in awareness about the shared importance of privacy and how each region promotes and actively protects it.