Reed Smith's GC Roundtable Series

The COVID-19 crisis has brought some unforeseen challenges for many businesses and economies and while the future is still unclear, the message from the real estate market is the pandemic has only accelerated some of the changes and challenges that we have anticipated for a long time.

Authors: Jimmy Theodorou

City of London Financial District Skyscraper Office Buildings

We are pleased to share with you this thought leadership report that our Client Development team prepared on the back of our second corporate real estate focused roundtable session we virtually hosted. We invited a group of key clients in the UK and Europe to join us for a virtual roundtable discussion on the issues, themes, trends, and critical areas they are seeing in the current market and what the future will look like in the post-COVID-19 world.

Some key themes which emerged during the conversation (specifically relating to corporate real estate), include:

  • COVID-19 as an accelerator for change
  • The economic reality
  • The commercial versus legal reality
  • The human angle of the crisis: are we seeing a positive movement in the traditional relationship between landlords and tenants?
  • Real estate – the future outlook beyond COVID-19

Download the PDF to learn more!