Reed Smith's GC Roundtable Series

GCs have found an increased need to broaden their roles and delve into a diverse range of issues that have traditionally fallen outside of their remit and responsibilities. The ability to engage with more teams on a cross-functional effort – including with outside and third-party organizations – has not only helped close the knowledge gap but has also eased decision-making.
Wide-angle photo of Times Square taken in the morning during COVID-19 (Corona virus) pandemic in NYC with the streets empty

We are pleased to share with you this thought leadership report that our Client Development team prepared on the back of our New York virtual roundtable session we virtually hosted.

Some key topical themes explored in the report include:

  • The (new) multifaceted role of General Counsel
  • The resiliency of organizations to adapt
  • Traditional versus online business operations
  • What has the impact of COVID-19 meant for financial institutions?
  • The role and power of effective communication
  • Maintaining professional networks in the “new normal”

Download the PDF to learn more!