Reed Smith's GC Roundtable Series

An unprecedented barrage of social, environmental, and cultural events has marked 2020 as a year of profound change. We no longer believe that we can continue with “business as usual.” It is time for change.

Change, of course, has risks.

As part of our global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program, Reed Smith organized a roundtable forum where we invited some of our clients to discuss key issues that women legal leaders have encountered and experienced this year.

Authors: M. Tamara Box

Confident business woman in office

This roundtable was part of our 2020 virtual series that we have developed and designed to create a platform for senior business leaders, general counsel, legal and business teams, and senior management representatives to share relevant business experiences, discuss live issues and explore strategic ideas for the future.

At our roundtable, split into two separate sessions, we had a total of 14 participants, of whom seven were based in the U.S. and seven in the UK. Five of our panel participants were from BAME, including Black and Hispanic, backgrounds. The participants at our roundtable were also from a variety of industries, including banking and finance, media and telecommunications, professional services, and the public sector.

This thought leadership report summarizes the key questions and themes that emerged during our discussions with clients and will help to better inform in-house legal and business teams and internal stakeholders on this topical subject, including:

  • Is COVID changing our ideas about leadership?
  • Are diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives being overshadowed by the COVID crisis?
  • How is the BLM movement impacting our businesses?
  • Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program – a vibrant part of our Reed Smith DNA
  • Women at Reed Smith: innovative strategies for gender balance
Please download the PDF below to learn more.