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The UAE recently enacted a new law to provide consumers in the UAE with a greater degree of protection, particularly in relation to online shopping platforms (which have seen skyrocketing sales due to the lockdowns arising from the global pandemic). This legislation replaces Federal Law No. 24 of 2006 on Consumer Protection, which was the first of its kind in the country and introduced much needed regulations and guidance in relation to consumer rights in the UAE.

Authors: Adela Mues

What are the features of the new law?

In general, Federal Law No. 15 of 2020 on Consumer Protection (New Law) is similar to the 2006 law with regard to protecting consumers’ rights in that it aims, among other rights, to create a safe and convenient environment for consumers to purchase products and services; to protect consumers’ religious values, customs and traditions; and to ensure that consumers get accurate information about what they are purchasing and are aware of their related rights and remedies. It also provides for quick settlement of disputes, compensation for damages and, generally, guidance for suppliers on how to treat consumers in a fair and legal manner.