Reed Smith’s GC Roundtable Series

In the year since George Floyd’s murder served as a catalyst to bring systemic racial inequities into sharp focus around the world, we witnessed many global corporations, public figures, and political and business leaders publicly expressing their determination to help advance diversity and inclusion within our society. The world was ready and hungry for change.
Lady looking outside the window

However, 12 months since the global demonstrations in support of racial justice and equality, what has really changed? Are we living in a fairer world where opportunities are accessible to all and everyone can be their authentic self at work, at home and in society?

We are pleased to share the latest thought leadership report prepared on the back of our recent virtual roundtable events on the diversity, equity and inclusion space in the corporate world. The key themes covered in the report include:

  • This time is different: can we afford not to act?
  • After an eye-opening year, have we learned anything?
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion: Have we been looking at it from the wrong angle?
  • Carving out the business case: "We need to put the pressure on where the money is"
  • Diversity fatigue: How can we overcome it?
  • The conversation needs to continue…
To view the publication, please visit the online flipbook at