Reed Smith’s GC Roundtable Series

As part of our thought leadership and global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program, we organized a roundtable forum where we invited some of our clients to discuss key issues that women legal and business leaders have encountered during the past 18 months. The conversation was engaging as well as informative, as these inspirational leaders candidly shared their comments, suggestions, and personal anecdotes during the virtual meeting. As we consolidated and summarized their remarks, we tried to retain the authenticity of their thoughts and feelings while preserving individual anonymity.
Woman in home office looking through window

This session was the latest installment in our thought leadership series. These roundtables were developed and designed to create a platform for senior business leaders, general counsel, legal and business teams, and senior management to share relevant business experiences, discuss live issues and explore strategic ideas. Through these events, we aim to foster an authentic peer-to-peer learning environment for all of us, one that ensures our ability to discuss real and current issues in a useful way.

Some key themes which emerged during the conversation include:

  • A new culture of remote working
  • A new era for women in leadership?
  • Looking ahead – the areas to focus on
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - a vibrant part of our Reed Smith DNA
  • Women at Reed Smith: innovative strategies for gender balance

To view the publication, visit the online flipbook or download the PDF below.