Trading Straits

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Companies are under pressure to supply goods swiftly, and delays at customs can create expensive problems. Expedited customs clearance is a top priority for unblocking supply-chain bottlenecks. However, care must be taken as many corruption cases have involved illegal payments at the border. Customs has thus taken on heightened significance with respect to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance and risk management for many global businesses. How can companies balance efficient processes with the thorough compliance procedures and processes required at the border?

We are tapping the knowledge of two former federal prosecutors from the U.S. Justice Department to help provide useful insights. In this podcast, regulatory enforcement lawyers Daniel Ahn and Mark Bini discuss their experience in matters involving allegations of bribery and corruption brought by federal and state governments and explain the key issues that companies should look out for at the border. They analyze the FCPA, discuss customs issues and show how attention to compliance and due diligence helps prevent allegations of corruption.

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