Home to two of the most aggressive tax departments in the country, New York has a state and local tax climate that is constantly changing. This recurring series will cover up-to-date issues and events as they unfold. The series will discuss corporate income, sales and use, property, and personal income tax issues, as well as policy and administrative changes within the Department, and how they may impact your business. Our New York team will provide insight on refund opportunities, challenges to Department policies, and other unique strategies to help resolve tax controversies.

Oradores:: Jennifer S. White

Tipo de evento: Seminario web

Fecha/hora de inicio:
23 August 2017, 2:00 PM UTC-2
Fecha/hora de finalización:
23 August 2017, 2:30 PM UTC-2

Speakers will include R. Gregory Roberts, Aaron Young, Jason Feingertz, Jeremy Gove and Jennifer S. White.

This edition will address “I’m Not Taxed as a Manufacturer…Am I?” and the agenda will include:

  • A review of the requirements to qualify as a “Qualified New York Manufacturer”
  • The potential constitutional dilemma in preferential treatment based on in-state activities
  • The impact of contract manufacturing on your tax rate and apportionment methodology