Global Chair of Reed Smith’s international arbitration practice Peter Rosher and international arbitration lawyer Gautam Bhattacharyya are both presenting as part of an online two-day training session on “The Practitioners’ Perspective on Arbitral Proceedings,” hosted by ArbDossier in conjunction with Georgetown University International Arbitration Society, on September 17 and 18, 2022.

Oradores:: Peter Rosher Gautam Bhattacharyya

Tipo de evento: Seminario

Nombre de la ubicación:
Georgetown University, Washington D.C.
Fecha/hora de inicio:
17 September 2022
Fecha/hora de finalización:
18 September 2022

The topics of their presentation are:

  • Increasing the Efficacy of Evidence Taking (Peter Rosher)
  • Selection of Arbitrators, their Independence, and Impartiality (Gautam Bhattacharyya)

For more information on the event or to register, please click the link above.