Autores: Gregor Pryor

Reed Smith's Gregor Pryor and Kate Brimsted talk devs through some of the potential issues they may face when using AR in their games.

The recent phenomenon Pokémon Go was downloaded onto more than five per cent of Android phones in the US within just two days of its release and exceeded both Snapchat and Twitter in terms of daily active users.

And it demonstrates the rising power of augmented reality in the gaming industry. It’s been estimated that the AR market could account for $120bn by 2020, according to Digi-Capital.

Facial recognition, geo-location and real-time data harvesting via AR games allows for novel legal challenges. Developers will find themselves alongside other stakeholders in the AR ecosystem, including game owners, advertisers and analytics service providers. The potential liabilities are significant which makes it important to pin down as far as possible the responsibilities and roles of the parties. Various legal challenges may also arise in relation to copyright and advertising.

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