Bloomberg BNA

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has pulled a legislative proposal to change the state’s tax appeal process after an uproar from businesses and tax professionals, Bloomberg BNA has learned.

Autores: Christine M. Maddison Kenneth R. Levine Leslie A. Pappas

The proposal, first circulated to select law and accounting firms as a bullet-point summary and then later in the form of draft legislation, would have upended the current process of tax appeals by forcing taxpayers to present all evidence and legal arguments at the first stage of the process. The proposed changes would have made it almost impossible for taxpayers to appeal an assessment without getting immediate help from an attorney.

The original proposal would “essentially turn the process on its head and tilt it extremely in favor of government,” Sam Denisco, vice president of government affairs for the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, an advocacy group for Pennsylvania businesses, told Bloomberg BNA April 28.

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