Reed Smith has partnered with Susan Bird, an internationally-recognized leader in executive communication, in developing a new series of podcasts that are “curated conversations,” moderated by Susan and produced by Wf360. Some say we’ve lost our true north…as individuals, as companies, as countries. We’ve abandoned the values that formed the basis for our behavior. We’re more focused on what benefits us and our families, without much regard for our communities or our country. Is that so?

Autores: M. Tamara Box

Podcast Modern Broadcast Studio

If the answer is yes, what has caused it, and what are the ramifications of such a fundamental shift in behavior? Does it threaten democracy itself? You may feel such fears are overblown, that we are still operating from a set of values we believe in and are proud of. If so, what are some examples? Who is getting it right? In this episode of The Reed Smith Conversations, you’ll hear from people on all sides of this issue…