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This is the final Reed Smith newsletter on international arbitration in 2022, and it focuses on a single country – India.
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India is a place of vast possibilities but also a place where foreign lawyers are not yet able to practice. This means our arbitration practitioners interested and invested in India are not based there. Instead, they operate from London, Singapore, the Middle East, and other offices in our global network. As this newsletter showcases, we have a wide range of practitioners for whom India occupies much time and energy. We can coordinate across offices to help clients in India or with India-related issues. Good relations with leading Indian legal practitioners are, of course, tremendously important in delivering effective service to our clients in such matters. Our arbitration group is a key part of that service.

As India continues to make headlines in various fields of endeavor, international arbitration is an area where headlines can also be written. In this newsletter, the constraints of space mean we must limit the number of subjects covered by our arbitration lawyers. However, Reed Smith is committed to those invested in India and looks to contribute to headline matters in India across the sectors of activity for which it is well known.

Our experience and local knowledge, obtained through many years of involvement in India, mean that we understand how Indian clients and businesses operate. We also understand the cultural, historical, and social aspects of India as a country and as a commercial marketplace. All these factors have influenced, and continue to influence, how arbitration is viewed and embraced by Indian stakeholders. In recent times, India has increasingly aligned with international good arbitral practices, but local knowledge remains key to a successful outcome. We look to combine our sector strengths with our country knowledge, while always being ready to listen and learn as we partner with clients through the challenges they face.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of our newsletter and that it may give you pause for thought and comment.

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