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Reed Smith, in addition to these specific areas of regulatory enforcement, provides broad-based client services through its Public Policy & Infrastructure practice. Government development of legislation, independent executive branch actions, and the rulemaking of federal agencies impact Reed Smith client interests, whether domestic or international. The federal government has a significant role—as can currently be seen in the change of Presidential administrations and the seating of a new Congress—in creating capital investment on a massive scale. Other forms of investment and financing, including with combined private capital, is also encouraged, or hindered, by federal action. 

Reed Smith has an established history of involvement with anticipated, or developing, legislative and regulatory activity that dates to the founding partners that included a former Secretary of State and Attorney General.   Attorneys on the Public Policy & Infrastructure team might represent client interests before Congress, whether by advancing legislative ideas or modifications, or in reauthorization legislation such as the SAFETEA-LU, or seeking direct appropriations funding within the federal budget. Our attorneys seek innovative public policy solutions that can involve several agencies of the federal government as well as the Congress.  As the global marketplace grows smaller, even foreign corporations that do business in the U.S. have been impacted by these rules and regulations or have sought to work with policymakers to address business concerns before new rules or legislation become law. At the federal regulatory levels, our lawyers participate in agency rulemakings across many disciplines, such as economic redevelopment, education, environment, commodities and financial services, and transportation, to name a few. We also advance client interests in state and local aspects of federal assistance funding, including before virtually all federal agencies and programs from HUD, DOT, EPA, DHS, and the like, to AID for international funding, or the State Department, Commerce Department, and Treasury Department for export control and trade-related matters. These federal assistance, or grant activities, range across a number of activities, including grant award, contracting under grants and bid protests, construction-related administration and disputes, grant administration, funding and grant disputes and remedies, and project audits. The group works to facilitate private investment in commercial and public projects, whether through use of programs such as the New Markets Tax Credit program, public-private partnerships, and other funding structures. Private client interests in research & development funding, and funding in growing alternative energy programs, are also represented by Reed Smith.  International clients are likewise represented as they seek to do business in the United States, or have interests that are impacted by the federal government. In our international offices, we also represent and help those clients as they deal with establishing businesses, understanding regulatory regimes, and dealing with commercial issues that arise. We have particular experience with PPI in emerging markets, such as in the Middle East, China, and Latin America.