Referent: John N. Ellison John B. Berringer Paul E. Breene Cristina M. Shea Douglas R. Widin

Veranstaltungsart: CLE / CPD, Webinar

Startdatum / -uhrzeit:
20 October 2016, 12:00 PM EDT
Enddatum / -uhrzeit:
20 October 2016, 1:00 PM EDT
Hurricane Matthew has taken a toll on the people and businesses located on the Eastern Coast of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Although the eye of the storm stayed out to sea, the damage and disruption to business operations were apparent as the storm made its way along the Southeastern coast over the weekend. The impact of the storm may affect supply chains and distribution chains, employees, customers, and other components of businesses that operate, supply, and distribute in this area. The effect of this storm is likely to lead to an influx of insured claims as high as $7 billion, according to recent reported estimates. Join us for this important discussion on how to protect your company’s insurance rights in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. This interactive webinar will provide guidance as to steps insured organizations can take to get the most out of their property insurance policies to defray the costs of this disaster. Such losses include property damage, business interruption/business income losses, and contingent business income losses. It will also address exclusions and concurrent causation, focusing on the impact of wind and flood exclusions. We will conclude with a Q&A session to address pressing concerns.