We want to make you aware of an email spoof that is impersonating the domain name of several large law firms, including Reed Smith.

The spoof involves an email falsely purporting to be from Reed Smith or another large law firm, and describing a "Notice to Appear in Court" or other fictitious court appearance. If you received such an email, please be aware that it did not come from our Firm. In addition, note that the email may contain a link to a computer virus or other malware. You should not open the email or attachments, or respond to it in any way.

Given the apparent scope of this spoofing scheme, we are taking the unusual step of posting this notice. We continue to maintain the highest level of technology security and wish to emphasize that the scheme is not the result of any compromise to the security of Reed Smith's systems. If you have any questions, please contact: Martin J. Pfeiffer.