The Privacy Advisor

Attorney General Derek Schmidt of Kansas was recently elected president of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) for the 2017–18 term. He is tasked with leading the most powerful association of attorneys general, which is composed of the 56 state and territorial attorneys general, and has selected for his Presidential Initiative a focus on protecting the elderly and other vulnerable populations.

Autoren: Divonne Smoyer

Schmidt has held his office since January 2011. Before his time as attorney general, Schmidt served in the state legislature and advised the governor. Under Schmidt’s leadership, Kansas has initiated several enforcement actions against companies for failing to adequately protect the personally identifiable information of their customers or employees and has weighed in on the effect of privacy policies on consumer rights. Here, he talks to The Privacy Advisor about his work on data privacy and security and how he will continue to target these issues as NAAG president.

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