Reed Smith’s GC Roundtable Series

One year after the first COVID lockdowns, we are hopeful that we are finally at the turning point in the pandemic. With many countries in the Asia region being held out as examples of how to successfully keep a handle on the pandemic from a health and economic perspective, recovery is almost seen as a given, which in turn is generating a more positive business outlook for many. 
high rise city at twilight

As countries are lifting lockdown restrictions, business leaders are now addressing how best to emerge from the COVID crisis, and how corporate, business and employee behaviour and attitudes have changed in the wake of the outbreak.

We are pleased to share the latest thought leadership report prepared on the back of our recent virtual roundtable event, with a focus on the Asia market. The conversation focused on how our clients managed their businesses and teams during the crisis, the fundamental impact the crisis has had on the way their businesses operate, and whether these changes in business operations are here to stay.

Some key themes which emerged during the conversation include:

  • COVID-19: Change of course in times of crisis
  • Setting up new business protocols in times of change
  • The future of business and corporate growth: do the challenges outnumber the opportunities?
  • Geopolitical risks impacting global economies

To view the publication, visit the online flipbook.