Lawyers from both the UK and Germany will provide perspectives and discuss current issues on loan trading including the importance of an elaborated sanctions language. We will focus on market practices in the UK and Germany, including under conventional English law and other trading protocols.

Speakers: Diane Roberts Leigh T. Hansson Maria Ottermann Simon G. Grieser Jan Philip Nagel

Event Type: Seminar

Location Name:
Reed Smith's London office, Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose Street, London
Start Date/Time:
25 June 2019, 6:00 PM BST
End Date/Time:
25 June 2019, 8:00 PM BST

We will be using the example of German Schuldschein loans, which are a refinancing instrument of growing international importance based on German law. Issuers are banks, insurance companies, industrial enterprises and the public sector.

Exemplified by Schuldschein loans and the latest revision of the new sanctions regime.

Who should attend?

This seminar is relevant for financial institutions and funds.