Notwithstanding recent market turbulence, virtual assets continue to represent an important asset class for the fintech industry and, increasingly, traditional financial institutions.

Speakers: Hagen Rooke Jill Wong Celisa Morin

Event Type: Webinar

Start Date/Time:
6 September 2023, 8:00 PM CST
End Date/Time:
6 September 2023, 9:00 PM CST

While swift regulatory measures have been required to address emerging risks, in many global capitals the regulatory momentum is also driven by a race for crypto-pre-eminence as governments seek to capitalise on the innovation and growth potential in the virtual assets space. This dynamic has been particularly noticeable in Asia, where regulators in key financial centres have introduced progressive frameworks to both regulate the virtual assets industry and spur the growth of this nascent sector.

In this hour-long webinar, our regulatory experts in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai will offer their insights into trends in their jurisdictions and provide their take on the interplay between these crypto hubs. The session will touch on regulatory challenges and how the industry is overcoming them, product trends and emerging business models, and the increasingly regional and global approach that is shaping the regulatory strategy of market participants.