Reed Smith’s Mental Health Summit 2022 examines the mental health impacts of the COVID pandemic since 2020 and the path forward for organizational leaders and others looking to create a workplace culture that values mental health. The summit provides three hours of focused programming for law firms and businesses.

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“The pandemic and its associated crises have set off new waves of stress in every profession, including ours,” said Casey Ryan, Reed Smith’s Global Head of Legal Personnel. “These crises also accelerated awareness about the importance of employee mental health and the need for support and services. Our second Mental Health Summit is taking a deep dive into these issues.”

Organized by the firm’s Mental Health Task Force, the event includes presentations and panel discussions on numerous mental health topics, such as:

  • There’s more to their mental health: Lesser-considered ramifications of the pandemic and global events: This session examines the lasting mental health impacts of the past two years, including trauma, PTSD, collective loss, grief, isolation, re-entry anxiety and lingering health effects of COVID.
  • Psychological capital in the legal industry and other high-stress professions: This session focuses on developing a framework of psychological capital to help lawyers and other professionals perform at the highest levels, while guarding against mental health concerns.
  • Corporate responsibility for employee mental health and wellbeing: This session examines the role employers play in reducing the stigma associated with mental health disorders and promoting employee mental health and wellbeing.