Inclusivity Included: Powerful Personal Stories

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Authors: Dr. Sherry C. Wang

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Dr. Sherry C. Wang, Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University, joins John Iino to share personal stories and discuss her scholarship on ethnic minority health disparities, including the roles of acculturation, stigma, and oppression.  Employees from diverse backgrounds lack representation, and face stressors, such as microaggressions and unconscious bias, that degrade mental health and interfere with psychological wellness. Furthermore, access to mental health care is unequal in the United States: Asians are 51% less likely to use mental health services than whites, Latinos are 25% less likely, and Blacks are 21% less likely. In this episode, Dr. Wang discusses the links between mental health and inclusion, and how organizations can improve access to culturally sensitive care.

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