Chapter One

Innovations for Learning/TutorMate has become Chapter One!

Volunteers working through Chapter One want to bring literacy to even more children when they need it most. Because it has grown, it changed its name to better represent its work and core belief: Reading is the foundation of learning and opportunity.

The beating heart of the organization has always been the one-to-one connection it makes with children from less advantaged communities to help them become confident readers in their pivotal first years of school. It's the combination of technology and this personal, human connection between a caring adult and a child that sets them apart.

Chapter One’s proven, scalable solutions is helping thousands of children create the “first chapter” of their own success story.

Their formula for transformation is unchanged: One caring adult. One child at a time.

It all starts with literacy

Chapter One was founded to create a world where all children have the literacy skills needed to thrive. That’s why it provides one-to-one reading support at the time children need it most.

Learning to read is not just about succeeding in school, it’s about succeeding in life. Take a moment to imagine what your own life would be like if you couldn’t read food labels, road signs, or text messages on your phone. Scary, isn't it?

Chapter One develops fundamental reading skills and inspires a love for reading from an early age, helping build confidence in children who might otherwise slip through the cracks. The people of Chapter One know that giving children the right support at the right time can transform children’s futures – no matter their circumstances today.

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