In light of the emergence of more sophisticated and aggressive cyber threats and to rectify the discrepancies of the original NIS directive, the European Commission has taken steps to revise and strengthen the cybersecurity order. As of January 16, 2023, the NIS2 directive has been enacted, which now impacts 15 different sectors. Global companies with entities providing essential or significant services to the European economy now have less than 24 months to achieve full compliance to mitigate NIS2-related risks, fines, and sanctions.

Oradores:: Marianne Schaffner Cynthia O'Donoghue Christian Leuthner

Tipo de evento: Seminario web

Fecha/hora de inicio:
18 October 2023, 4:00 PM BST
Fecha/hora de finalización:
18 October 2023, 5:00 PM BST

Join us in this webinar, where we will delve into the most recent updates relating to NIS2 and how this new later interrelates with the safeguarding of trade secrets in an increasingly digital and interconnected environment. Our team will impart valuable insights and practical guidance to assist you in achieving compliance and protecting your company's trade secrets.

Whether your interests lie in energy, chemicals, public administration, or the digital sphere, we invite you to participate.