This document sets out the four main finance facilities currently available to UK corporate borrowers who are facing liquidity tightening as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and an additional scheme, the “Future Fund”, which is due to launch in May 2020. There will also be a separate initiative launched in May 2020 for SMEs focused on research and development.
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The finance facilities listed below are in addition to any other available relief under existing central bank regimes, for instance, the Bank of England’s Asset Purchase Scheme under which it will increase its holdings of sterling non-financial investment-grade corporate bonds which it buys on the secondary market.

Additional forms of relief in response to the COVID-19 crisis have also been provided by the Government, and further information can be found at:

Download the PDF below for more on the finance facilities available to UK borrowers.

*Note: The list is updated as and when needed to reflect current facilities available.