Providing relief from natural disasters

Hurricane Harvey
In response to Hurricane Harvey in Texas in 2017, our lawyers published near-immediate up-to-date guides on how those harmed by the hurricane could access federal emergency assistance.

California wildfires
Likewise, in response to the California wildfires in 2017, we provided the victims with legal advice on how to obtain insurance recoveries following their losses.

Hurricane Katrina
In 2004, 10 of our lawyers visited Louisiana jails and in coordination with prison staff, helped determine the whereabouts and identities of many of the 8,000 of prisoners hastily evacuated from New Orleans without paperwork or files as Hurricane Katrina approached.

Haiti earthquake
In the wake of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, we brought to permanent safety in Canada and the United States 63 victims, mostly women and children who had suffered sexual violence after the earthquake. The Financial Times named this four-year Haiti project the “most innovative” social responsibility project in North America.