WASHINGTON D.C. – As part of its ongoing mission to promote diversity and inclusion within the firm and across the legal profession, Reed Smith today announced that its global Business Inclusion Groups (BIG) – previously known as affinity groups - will be open to everyone in the firm. In the US, a subgroup to each Business Inclusion Group will be added to further address ideas and challenges that are specific to members of the administrative staff. The announcement was made by John Iino, Reed Smith’s Chief Diversity Officer, during the firm’s 2018 Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Summit in Washington D.C.

The formation of Reed Smith’s Business Inclusion Groups marks a significant step towards the firm’s furtherance of an inclusive culture, irrespective of title, while demonstrating the value of a diverse and inclusive organization for its people, clients, and to the legal community. Attorneys and administrative staff will have the opportunity to work together towards common professional goals, including a primary focus on recruitment, development, mentorship, and retention of diverse personnel.

“We are not just a firm of 1700 lawyers. We are a firm team of 3000 people. A truly diverse and inclusive organization understands that it is at its best when the unique talents of all of its people are integrated into every aspect of the business,” said Sandy Thomas, Reed Smith’s Global Managing Partner. “In launching our All Personnel Business Inclusion Groups, we acknowledge that there is much that can be gained by more deeply engaging with our administrative staff, whose vast array of experiences and perspectives can only make us a better firm for one another and our clients.”