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International arbitration lawyer Peter Rosher discussed issues brewing in the international arbitration arena in a roundtable featured in Financier Worldwide.  

Alongside Michael Mcilwrath (Global Litigation Counsel, Baker Hughes), Rashda Rana (Consultant, Kier Group), Rekha Rangachari (ED, NYIAC), and Michael Stepek (Partner, Winston & Stawn LLP), Peter shared views on the key trends that have dominated the international arbitration space over the past 12 months, the developments the landscape can expect over the next few months and years, and noteworthy regional initiatives.

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Significant issues brewing in the international arbitration arena are now taking centre stage. Investor-state developments, cyber security and data protection, the growth of third-party funding, cross-border enforcement of judgments and mediated settlement arrangements - all these and more are testing the mettle of arbitrators across the globe. Increasingly competitive and innovative, international arbitration continues to evolve.

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