Authors: Carolyn E. Pepper Charles Weller Cynthia O'Donoghue Daniel Kadar Edward S. Miller Gautam Bhattacharyya Lindsay East M. Tamara Box Philip M. Taylor Richard G. Swinburn Roger Parker

Our Business Across Borders report series, written by The Economist Intelligence Unit, investigates the biggest issues facing global business.

With international commercial disputes posing a very real risk to cross-border business, the report and video commentary explore the current, and the perceived future, causes of international disputes – in addition to the importance of routes to resolution. And begs the question of whether potential reward outweighs potential risk.

The report – comprising responses from more than 450 senior executives – found that intellectual property theft is predicted to be the most likely cause of international commercial disputes in BRIC and other rapid-growth markets over the next two years.

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