Authors: Carolyn E. Pepper Charles Weller Cynthia O'Donoghue Daniel Kadar Edward S. Miller Gautam Bhattacharyya Lindsay East M. Tamara Box Philip M. Taylor Richard G. Swinburn Roger Parker

Type: Insights

Our Business Across Borders report series, written by The Economist Intelligence Unit, investigates the biggest issues facing global business.

With international commercial disputes posing a very real risk to cross-border business, the report and video commentary explore the current, and the perceived future, causes of international disputes – in addition to the importance of routes to resolution. And begs the question of whether potential reward outweighs potential risk.

The report – comprising responses from more than 450 senior executives – found that intellectual property theft is predicted to be the most likely cause of international commercial disputes in BRIC and other rapid-growth markets over the next two years.

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