Reed Smith Newsletters

We are pleased to present the second edition of our disputes publication, where we will provide global perspectives on legal issues and developments as they occur.

We recognise that this comes to you at a time of unprecedented global uncertainty, with the advent of COVID-19 influencing our lives in a deeply personal manner and having an immediate, profound impact on the way we conduct our businesses.

This issue of Global Perspectives is purposefully not COVID-19 focused. Rather, we present a range of what we hope are informative and insightful articles drawn from our global contributors, with as much relevance within the current COVID-19 crisis environment as without. This edition reflects a range of issues dealt with by you in conducting global business and dealing with global disputes, and is designed to provide some practical insight into those topics.

We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have about any of the articles. Please feel free to speak to the editor, Doug Cherry, or to your usual Reed Smith contact.

To view the full publication, visit the online flipbook or download the PDF below.