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To facilitate the digitalisation of the maritime industry, the Shipping Legislation (Electronic Certificates and Electronic Log-books) (Amendment) Ordinance (the E-Ordinance) came into force in Hong Kong on 1 August 2023. The E-Ordinance amends seven pieces of shipping-related legislation, adopting the use of electronic certificates (e-certs) and electronic logbooks (e-logbooks) for Hong Kong-registered ships, and providing them with the same legal effect as their paper-based counterparts.

Range of certificates and logbooks covered

The E-Ordinance covers a broad range of certificates and logbooks relating to all aspects of a ship’s operation, including safety, security, pollution and crew, issued pursuant to seven ordinances, following the IMO Guidelines for the Use of Electronic Certificates, namely:

  1. the Merchant Shipping (Registration) Ordinance (Cap. 415)
  2. the Merchant Shipping (Safety) Ordinance (Cap. 369)
  3. the Merchant Shipping (Security of Ships and Port Facilities) Ordinance (Cap. 582)
  4. the Merchant Shipping (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Ordinance (Cap. 413)
  5. the Merchant Shipping (Liability and Compensation for Oil Pollution) Ordinance (Cap. 414)
  6. the Bunker Oil Pollution (Liability and Compensation) Ordinance (Cap. 605)
  7. the Merchant Shipping (Seafarers) Ordinance (Cap. 478)