One of the most powerful tools used by the federal and state governments to identify fraud and recover overpayments in government programs is the federal False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. section 3729 et seq. (“FCA”), and corollary state false claims acts. We are experienced in responding to Inspector General (“IG”), Assistant United States Attorney (“AUSA”) and Department of Justice (“DOJ”) Civil Investigative Demands; subpoenas; successfully resolving FCA investigations; and defending clients in FCA actions and qui tam litigation filed by FCA relators and the DOJ. Our FCA and qui tam experience includes:

  • Providing compliance and related guidance to minimize potential exposure
  • Negotiating Corporate Integrity Agreements/Certification of Compliance Agreements
  • Conducting internal investigations of potential compliance issues and preparing voluntary or mandatory disclosures
  • Utilizing extensive in-house document collection and production capabilities to economically respond to subpoenas and document requests