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The American Institute of Architects (AIA) contracts are the most commonly used set of construction contract forms on commercial projects in the United States. In late April 2017, AIA issued its once-in-a-decade updates to some of its primary contractor, architect and subcontractor forms. Because the forms are only updated every 10 years, the revisions are significant to the industry and are often seen as reflecting legal trends in contracting practices.

The Contract Forms Included in AIA’s Spring 2017 Updates

The AIA’s recent updates to its Owner-Contractor forms include the following: the A101, A102, A104 and A105 base construct forms, and the A201 General Conditions of the Contract. The AIA’s updates to the Owner-Architect forms include the following: the B101, B102, B103, B104 and B105 contract forms, as well as an update to the C401 Architect-Consultant contract form. Finally, the AIA released an update to its primary Contractor-Subcontractor agreement, the A401 subcontract form.