Association of Business Trial Lawyers Northern California

In the summer and fall of 2017, we conducted one-on-one interviews of the nine Bay Area Complex Litigation Judges on behalf of the Association of Business Trial Lawyers (ABTL). Our goal was to provide a comparative perspective for practicing lawyers about the respective Judges’ case mix, standard pretrial and trial practices, their likes and dislikes concerning lawyer conduct, and other as-yet-unpublished feedback for counsel. The interviewers asked the Judges a common set of prepared questions on these topics.

作者: Frank Burke, Chandra S. Russell, Stephanie D. Biehl, Adam R. Brausa, Adrian Canzoneri, Shana Inspektor, Kapri L. Saunders

The Judges interviewed were Hon. Mary E. Wiss and Hon. Curtis E. A. Karnow of San Francisco County; Hon. Marie S. Weiner of San Mateo County; Hon. Brian C. Walsh and Hon. Thomas E. Kuhnle of Santa Clara County; Hon. Winifred Smith, Hon. George C. Hernandez, and Hon. Brad Seligman of Alameda County; and Hon. Barry P. Goode of Contra Costa County.